Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Security and safety auditing? What's that then?

Signing in when you visit a company of some sort is a pretty standard security and safety procedure these days. However, it isn't one for Gordon brown or the Treasury it seems. Apparently, Gordon Brown keeps absolutely no records of who visits him at Number 11. There is no visitors book, and no log whatsoever. That's what the Treasury Minister John Healey told Parliament yesterday.

Now, I can understand not keeping records of personal visits, but having no easily available log of official visits to Number 11 by external guests? Can Gordon Brown really claim to care about the security of the nation if he doesn't even implement management of the security through the door of the offices he is overseer of?

I guess not keeping records help for the whole plausible denial on matters like the Smith Institute though. What's more it will probably help with the continuation of the "sofa government" we've grown so used too. Aren't we the lucky ones?


Anonymous said...

I presume then they make rules for the rest of us trash ,but don't need any fire safety rules as they are perfect ,glad I don't work in that place.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that there are some regulations somewhere that require this sort of information to be kept.
Operating under the ISPS code (maritime security) I get fed up with signing in & out people, issuing security passes, etc,
I would have thought that the security of no.11 would be a higher priority than my own ship.
So I think this is very questionable at the very least.
A little FOI request perhaps?