Monday, April 23, 2007

One World Government proposals at the UN?

A truly remarkable development in the world of global politics has been reported in this morning's Independent. Apparently, there are moves to try and create an elected UN Parliament in order to address what is called the "democratic deficit" in global affairs.

The conspiracy theorists who fear One World Government will obviously be rather pleased with themselves at this news, however if it did come to fruition it would be a very worrying trend towards the end of the nation state. An Israeli peace campaigner called Shimri Zameret is quoted saying,
"On Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, it is time to hear the voice of the people in global affairs and not just the national governments."
Do you think, just maybe, he's a left wing anti-war campaigner who dislikes George Bush? Apparently Anita Roddick is also involved in the move so it's pretty obvious what the angle is. The group of politicians and celebrity campaigners have drawn up a document for their proposal which argues that,
"To ensure international co-operation, secure the acceptance and to enhance the legitimacy of the United Nations ... people must be more effectively and directly included into the activities of the United Nations and its international organisations."
Let's get this straight? they think that to make people be more included in the affairs of the planet there should be a remote body made up of elected non-entities who will no doubt get paid a huge salaries to stand around talking and moralising their views on the world that will mostly consist of anti-Western, anti-Enlightenment claptrap? No thanks.

The only way any sort of global government could ever work would be is (a) the human race discovered that it really was not alone in the Universe, and (b) we could actually perform inter-planetary travel at speeds great enough to make it worthwhile. Something tells me that ain't gonna happen anytime soon... if ever.

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Anonymous said...

Quite true, Phil. World Government just couldn't work in the current reality - that much is certain.