Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Official: Brown is rubbish is maths

Not only does Gordon Brown tuck his trousers into his socks as Guido pointed out, but he's also admitted he's rubbish at maths. Whilst talking to school kids yesterday he said,
"I did maths at school and for one year at university but I don't think I was ever very good at it - and some people would say it shows."
I don't know though, he's been very nifty and moving things of his balance sheets to make them look healthier than are. Having said that, the PFI deals that he's pushed through show he's either pretty poor at maths or just crap at negotiation. Neither bodes well.

As an aside, I imagine the OverLords of Blogosphere quality will be moaning about the tittle-tattle nature of Guido's "SockGate" post. You can bet you're bottom dollar they never complained about the "John Major tucks his shirt in his underpants" story though. C'est la vie!

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Chris Paul said...

Guido is a sock muppet. There is of course quite a difference between pure mathematics and er ... arithmetic and statistics. Shock Horror: Chancellor doesn't much like degree level differential calculus and number theory. It's not as bad as the sock story though ...

Gordon spotters may like to know that the school in question is attended by one of family LOL and would have been very convenient for a surreptitious descent on "the match" for an England Soccer loving English Nationalist.