Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lording it up with the proles?

As someone that travel by Tube everyday, on both the lines that the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone claims to travel on with the proles can I say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I've never ever seen him.
However, I have seen other politicians on the tube in my time this evening being the notable occasion of sitting next Lord Lawson on the Jubilee Line. I considered, for about a nanosecond of speaking to him, but that would;ve broken every cardinal rule of Tube etiquette so didn't.

I've also sat next to Alex Salmond on the Jubilee Line. He was still on the train when I got off so he either went to Canning Town, West Ham, or Stratford. I'm assuming he must have a flat out there someone, unless someone can tell me different? It's the only explanation for why the leader of the Scottish National Party would venture into the depths of East London right?


Anonymous said...

Could he have been on his way to check out the Olympic sites/sights? When WILL golf become an olympic sport?

Anonymous said...

He was probably going to the dogs

Chris Paul said...

I saw that Ken Livingstone on a train from Mcr to Euston once. Tipped my hat to him. Very rare to see him (or McDonnell or any of them GLC aristos) North of Watford. Ken was in a cattle carriage with the hoi polloi. Asked by John Harris at Brighton 05 what he thought renewal in power of the LP should mean he replied: "The Livingstonisation". We had just come from a metting with John McDonnell and I said "Oh, John said 'McDonnellisation' " and for a split second he believed me. And he was right to. That was September 05 and THAT was when John's leadership campaign kicked off IMO. Bob Wareing also spoke. For all the good it has done him.

lilith said...

Ken always travels by cab. And if an attractive woman shares it with him he hits on her.