Sunday, April 22, 2007

If climate change doesn't get you wif-fi will

Good lord, if it isn't one thing that going to cause our impending doom it's another. This morning's Independent on Sunday says that our children are at risk from wi-fi radiation poisoning. A quick bit of searching online will show you however that wi-fi mircowave and radiation is so weak compared, to say a, mobile phone, that the idea that it's dangerous is almost laughable.

Most of the arguments against wi-fi tend to be framed around little more than anecdotal evidence - I got wi-fi and started having headaches - or even better, that "vested interests" are suppressing the results of research. Yet, even when research is carried out which shows the radiation output of a wi-fi access point is 20 millionths of the international guideline levels of exposure to radiation, the cry comes out, as ever, "think of the children!".

The one thing we can take from the story is the hilarity that the kind of people who enjoy reading the Indy and its Sunday version also hate the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, yet fail to see the similarities between their reading choice and the other when it comes to the baseless scare story.

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Chris Paul said...

Stephen Newton had a lovely blog teasing about this two weeks ago.