Friday, April 27, 2007

Flame resistant pyjamas?

Utterly bizarre
That this House applauds the Northern Echo for its Protect our Children campaign which aims to close a loophole in the law that allows children's pyjamas to be exempt from the flame-resistant regulations that apply to dressing gowns and girls' nightdresses; calls on all responsible retailers to remove immediately stocks of non-flame-resistant pyjamas from their stores; and asks the Government as a matter of urgency to take appropriate steps to close the loophole in the law by making it illegal to import, manufacture or sell pyjamas that are not flame-resistant.
Can't we just ban non-flame resistant children instead?


Mostly Ordinary said...

It is perverse that Labour want to ban smoking but not clothes that turn kids into candles.

Old BE said...

I've got an idea: why not let the parents decide what clothes to buy for their kids?

Nanny wouldn't like that though.

Anonymous said...

Think 'open fires' and it is clear why pyjamas are not as dangerous as dressing gowns and nightdresses.

malpas said...

They should stop children smoking in bed.