Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Womens Football Taskforce

Apparently the Department of Culutre, Media and Sport is going to set up taskforce to promote womens football.

Now, whilst I do of course lament the thought of yet another "taskforce" and the Government spending involved, I have to admit at the same time that anything that brings the Everton Ladies captain, and England left -back, Rachel Unitt to our screens more is a good thing in my mind.

We should end sexism in football, some of the footie chicks are a delight to watch.
Image from Footie Chick


haddock said...

I watched a ladies football match, why don't they pull their shirts up over their heads when they score.... in the interests of equality they should. It is also customary and good manners to swap shirts at the end of a game.

dizzy said...

I suggest we compile a list of requirement for equality of actions in Womens Football and submit it to the Taskforce.

Newmania said...

Why do women always want to play with themsleves or with eachother. Why can`t we all play together and have a communal bath afterwards. I am thinking of starting the Caligula league in which such Libertarian practice is endorsed and encouraged.

I also have some ground breaking ideas for the disciplinary side of the women`s game ...step into my office ...yuk yuk yuk

Caroline Hunt said...

Well aren't you a lovely bunch of chaps! Really - shame on you.