Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tory Councillor convicted of pimping?

I am finding it difficult to believe that this guy is actually still a member of the Conservative Party, let alone an elected councillor.

Apparently, Alan Burkitt, a Sandwell Tory Councillor for Charlemont with Grove Vale ward, (who I imagine Bob Piper knows) pimped his girlfriend with learning difficulties on eBay for £50 a time making £1,300 in the process. He pleaded guilty to pimping and managed to escape a prison sentence.

Two questions, has the whip been withdrawn? And if not, why not?

Update: Apparently because he has received a suspended sentence he loses his seat. Good.


Anonymous said...

Dizzy, have seen this story covered on other political sites. He was a libdem, then a tory and appears now to be an independent??
He also apparently tried to then join the BNP but was turned down?!?!

Bob Piper said...

chatterbox, I'n not sure about the BNP story. It was certainly a rumour thatr they had refused him because he HADN'T got a criminal conviction yet, but I suspect that's probably not true.

Burkitt was not only a member of the Tory Group, he was there deputy leader.

dizzy, the whip (we had a snigger about that) was suspended when he was arrested.

Anonymous said...

bob, "we had a snigger about that"

I bet you did!