Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Party Animals in danger!

Have just spotted a rather amusing question in Hansard about when the roof terrace at parliament will be re-opened to researchers (and presumably MPs). Should anyone be wondering why it was closed int he first place, it was because of Health and Safety - as ever.

What were the risks? Well based on the answer which said "work on the roof terrace has been limited to providing temporary fencing to prevent access to areas where people can and have put themselves at risk" I'm going to presume it was to stop the researcher jumping off the edge.

I guess the real reason the question is being asked though is blind panic about the smoking ban coming into force in July. All those party animals need their nicotine fixes! In the name of health and safety they came, and now they are going to let them up there to kill themselves slowly instead. Oh the irony!


Anonymous said...

But those weasels have exempted the Palace of Westminster from the smoking ban that will be applied to us serfs.

dizzy said...

I believe that the Speaker said it would be applied anyway.