Monday, March 26, 2007

MPs call for sexual orientation question in the UK Census

Thankfully there are pretty much no signatures on this motion which calls on the Government to add a question to the census about what you choose to do with your genitalia. It's bad enough that the Government is trying to add all sorts of question to the census about how much we earn, without having them intruding into our bedrooms too.

The motion was tabled by a Lib Dem, and has been signed by a couple of people from the other two main parties, but I just don't understand why. They claim that it is necessary to know which way each of swing in the name of assessing the equality legislation that has come into place. This is plainly bollocks.

The Government has no right to know what any of us choose to do in consensual sexual acts, and it worries me that a Conservative MP would sign a motion saying it should. Who, and frankly, what you choose to have sexual gratification with is none of the state's business unless it is specifically against the law (and even then in some cases the law can be bollocks anyway).


SimonW said...

Will there be a celibate option?

Anonymous said...

Last time, there was a write-in option on religion - and the number of Jedi Knights soared.

What can we all write this time - hermaphrodite, perhaps?

I see a very jolly campaign of civil disobedience shaping up.

AntiCitizenOne said...

I think we should have another option for those with "partner-free" rather than the offensive term "single".