Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ministry of Justice website is exactly where I said it would be

As I exclusively predicted back in February, the new Ministry of Justice website is going to be located at After just over a month of rewriting the address to a DirectGov website (put in after I broke the story) it now proudly displays the following message:
"Ministry of Justice
On 29 March 2007 the Prime Minister announced that a new Ministry of Justice will be established. The changes will come into effect on 9 May 2007."
They still haven't registered yet though, maybe they will just keep the Home Office website instead.


Chris Paul said...

Well done Dizzy! Clearly once you knew it had been registered it was going to be that. But hats off a great scoop.

Meanwhile ... perhaps your readers would like to partake in another poll?

Well well well Guido! Well done I suppose for confounding my Fawkes-esque kite of a story that you had recorded the interview BEFORE running the poll on whether to take part. I have posted a grovelling apology near the top of the blog.

Meanwhile I have changed the question slightly on my earlier poll HERE and also given a NO option which replaces yet another YES option.

Unfortunately I don't know how to correct the pollster's result site to the new text so you'll need to crunch up your eyes and use your imagination.

Saving Guido from re-execution has become the same answer as allowing him execution by drinking himself to death.

Come on you Tory bloggers! Moderation off please. (Dale and Fawkes have switched on) Meanwhile cranks can come and rant over on my site - shame the google adverts aimed at ranting mavericks - pile cream, hairpieces and viagra - are not yet in place. But hey ho.

dizzy said...

OK, four things.

First up, moderation on this blog is on because I started getting lots of spam post for paper shredders and assorted crap, so it won't be going off.

Second, it certainly wasn't his finest hour which I told him this morning. But life goes on.

Third, don't do that again Chris, my comments section is not the place for you to promote an off-topic post on your blog. I understand why you did it, and it was obvious what today would bring after last night. It's actually one of the reason I love the Internet so much, the way groups flock round like vultures feeding (on all sides when they get a chance). Seriously though, if you do it again it won't get through moderation. My website, my rules.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Dizzy
That's fair enough. If I could find your Fawkes post I'd have put it there. And Fawkes himself has closed down.
Best w
Chris P

Chris Paul said...

PS They don't really have to register these domains do they? Until they are ready to start beta'ing them? They control the uber domain do they not?