Friday, March 30, 2007

The joy of being a small party like Plaid Cymru

You can come up with stupidly ideas and never worrying about having to implement them. Like grants for first time buyers to get a house, or even better, free laptops for every child when they turn 11. Honestly I'm not joking, it's in the PPB. I particularly enjoyed the anti-English tone of it, it would be difficult to be more blatent.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful !! All paid for under Barnett I presume.

First Scotland now Wales.I am all for an English Parliament

Anonymous said...

If the laptop is pretty high end, it's going to be decent for at most, what, four years? They're going to need at least two and I am not 100% convinced that 11+ year olds are going to keep their laptop whole for sufficiently long.

Sir-C4' said...

Here is an interesting fact about Plaid's past: