Monday, March 19, 2007

Home Office forgets who the Home Secretary is?

Sometimes you have to wonder what idiots they employ in the Home Office, especially in the Press Office. The latest Home Office press release is about thought hate crime, and says
Hate crime can be reported in a number of ways including 3rd party reporting (where members of communities who are affected by hate crime can report it at locations other than at a police station and to someone from their own community who is not a police officer) and on-line reporting at This can be anonymous.
However, the online thought police website Report It contains a "Message from the Home Secretary - David Blunkett" and doesn't actually look like it's been updated for nearly 3 years. You'd think someone would have the sense to check it before sending the link out to everyone. Still not fit for purpose then?

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Newmania said...

Sad .I once corresponded with a man who had died in a riot; for about a month..Christ he was a taciturn bastard , but I felt pretty bad about some of the things I wrote when I discovered .

(You see however hard it might seem there always a way of talking about me ...)