Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Green Car Cabinet?

Whatever your personal opinion on climate change, CO2 and man's role in it all, the Government has made its position abundantly clear. The evidence is unambiguous, we must all be as green as possible. Now you'd expect, given that traditional concept of collective Cabinet responsibility everyone would act the same in official terms, especially on the matter of the cars they use.

Cabinet members have a choice of two possible cars, the ugly and very uncool hybrid Toyota Prius, with its 104g/km carbon emission rate, or the much nicer, although still uncool because it's a diesel, Jaguar XJ with 176g/km carbon emission rate.

The choice for Cabinet members should be clear you'd think? The Government has a stated position, we must all reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. There is no option but the Prius (poor sods). So all 11 Cabinet members who have cars are using the Toyota? Errrrr... no.

Six of them are using the Jaguar Xj and only five are in the Prius. I'm not sure who is in what though, perhaps someone can email me and let me know? Either way, Cabinet collective responsibility clearly doesn't extend to the whole carbon footprint thing. I bet they (and what's looks like my party too) would love to tax us into reducing ours though. Do we say not as we do... as ever!


AntiCitizenOne said...

Well, you'd be wrong!

dizzy said...

No I'm not. I never said anything about the Prius in terms other than carbon. I remain right.