Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Government launches "visionary" crime strategy

The Home Office has issued a press release about its new "visionary strategy" for tackling crime. The press release is titled:
"Targeting the criminal to stop the crime: Government launches major new vision on security, crime and justice"
I'm impressed, it never occurred to me that if you just stop the criminal you'll stop the crime!?
Image by Theo Spark


Anonymous said...

So, the Home Office might have checked the document for typos and factual errors (maybe).

Methinks you have been naughtly in the excerpts you have shared with us.
At least I bloody hope you have, otherwise there are (taxpayer funded) folk at the HO who do not have their output reviewed...

dizzy said...

that quote is a cut n paste from the press release

Anonymous said...

Home Orifice indeed!!

I knew that moral in the H.O was bad but I didn,t realise it was that bad.