Friday, March 23, 2007

DWP gives a red light to its traffic light system

The Department of Work and Pensions has said that it is no longer operating its spin traffic light system which flags up written Parliamentary question that could provide embarrassing answers.

In response to a question from Theresa May, the DWP has said that having run the trial "to identify questions of which press office should be made aware, and for which Ministers wish separate media briefing to be developed" it has "subsequently decided to discontinue" it.

What I think they mean is that they got caught. The question is, how many other departments are still running the "informal" spinning operation?

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Anonymous said...

Good question. One FOI request I have sent has so far been lost twice and bounced once.

That said I did manage to get it through in the end and have a receipt for it!

I suspect the answers may be embarresing!