Monday, March 26, 2007

The car that runs on air

This is not a joke. There is now an engine developed that means a car can run on air? Surely this is the Mecca of all engine development? Not only does it keep the climate change rabble happy, but it is ludicrously cheap to run.

OK, so it only goes 68mp so far, and yes, it probably takes four days to reach that speed. But the possibilities are endless are they not? The only downside is that it's French, which means the bits inside will probably fall off in the first week.


Anonymous said... is worth a look - particularly re: production status (I'm still waiting).

Note the pressure of the compressed air in the carbon fibre tank. If that blows, your ar*e would be halfway up your back!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Compressed air as an energy store. Hmm... Why not use a massive capacitor?

(Similar energy storage charictoristics as far as I can tell).

That said the key to the environmentaly friendly bit is where is the energy to compress the air to come from? In France nuclear fuel I pressume. Here it would be coal or gas fired power stations.