Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Would Reid pass the vetting process?

According to this morning's Times, John Reid is set to become the new head of MI6. Now, admittedly, the headline is a little misleading.

What's being suggested is that he will be given responsibilty for terrorism and security, and that MI6 will stop reporting to the FCO and instead report the Home Office.However, given Reid's well known tendency to intervene and meddle the Times is making a valid point.

There is another more important question to be asked on this matter. Would be pass the vetting process for the job anyway? A former member of the Communist Party of Great Britain; known known to enjoy a tipple; and has alledgely got a bit heavy with people in the past? Black-balled surely?


Anonymous said...

This Government does love to snoop:

"THE taxman is scouring internet auction site eBay with hi-tech programs to catch people selling goods without paying their dues.

HMRC is using computer software Xenon to scan internet sites and look for people making multiple transactions. A spokesman said: “It is much more efficient than trying to do the same thing manually, as we have in the past"


Anonymous said...

I also noticed that the Times mentioned about Lord Falconer's office regietering the domain name justice.gov.uk, and not crediting you for breaking that story opver a week ago.

dizzy said...

so they have. I missed that!

Anonymous said...

MI6 answering to the Home Office? That makes a lot of sense. Not.

Anonymous said...

As for Reid, he didn't go to any public school, let alone a good one. Clearly not the Right Sort.

Anonymous said...

Come off it, recruiting communists, Islamists and other dodgy extremists to the cause of UK plc is surely all in a days work at MI6.