Monday, February 05, 2007

Times Online has a makeover - green?

The Times Online appears to have had a makeover. They've started using a sickly green colour for some of the text, and someone has decided to hard code the width of the site in pixels rather than allow it to resize gracefully around the web browser.

What that means is unless you open the thing full screen you are likely to get an exceptionally irritating horizontal scrollbar too. I preferred the old look, especially on the Fink's blog.


haddock said...

I did try to use the site, it has ground to a halt.....what happened to the @if it ain't broke don't fix it approach ?

Anonymous said...

Some of it's missing.

See here. (Scroll down if necessary)

Jeff said...

Tried this site last night and got a page saying they had gone to the pub, tried it agin this morning, and it is just hanging. Looks like htey are still down at the pub.