Thursday, February 08, 2007

Robbers will respect the lines?

Here's the first two paragraphs from the latest Home Office press release to arrive in my mailbox.
The roll-out of an initiative to help tackle robberies at cash machines and a renewed pledge to work with the mobile phone operators to meet their target of blocking stolen phones were announced today by the Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker.

Joint guidance will be issued today on cash machine 'privacy spaces'. These are an inexpensive, practical, and highly effective method of reducing thefts from people as they withdraw money at ATMs. Consisting of a marked out box on the pavement around bank machines, the spaces are designed to give people privacy as they use the machines.
Yes, that's right. Paint some lines on the ground and no one will cross them and mug you. Only minor flaw is that it's bollocks.

It seems to be predicated on this English stereotype that we all have a tendency to follow social rules even if we're willing to break criminal law. Thus, paint a box with yellow lines, and even the most die hardened criminal will think twice about the social embarrassment of crossing into it.

Not if he wants to score some smack he won't.


The Hitch said...

Its all about "RESPECT"
why cant you see that?
Istanbul tory may have the right idea.
Turks don't join the EU
Stay as you are,.
Plenty of guns, despite being Muslims you can get a drink if you want one and the police beat and torture local nuisances.
sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Well said Dizzy..... these people do have a very twee view of the world we live in.... as ever tell someone not to cross a line and they will - if they really want to stop it they should re-educate the parents of these shite bags that have no clue about guiding their offspring to be engaged in an activity that might

a) Interest them
b) Challenge/motivate them for later life

Anyway good to read your musings as always.... must get together for a beer and face to face "world righting"!