Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Revoking Evil Decrees and Powers of Evil Wickedness

Every now and again I see something that makes me laugh hysterically like a school girl on skunk and this morning was such an occasion. Whilst walking to the bus stop - before buying the morning papers and becoming angry - I spotted a leaflet under the windscreen of a car.

It was for an African organisation called Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministry and carried pictures of its two "ministers" with biographies stating the following (blue italic stuff is obviously mine),
Dr Lauence Tetteh: He is mightly used of God, affecting his generation with the Gospel (ok!). The blind see, the deaf hear, the shortlegs restored to normal and all kinds of incurable diseases healed in his crusades that he holds around the world (oh dear!)
It gets better though,
Prophet Isa El Buba: Former Islamic terrorist, occultist which he inherited from birth (nice!).... The blind see, the deaf receive their hearing, the lame walk and the dead raised back to life (can inheritance tax be rebated?)


SimonW said...

I have often wondered when seeing these leaflets and some of the posters displayed outside certain places of worship whether they are covered by the Advertising Standards Authority! Did you notice this morning whether they offered a money back guarantee?

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the cast-iron guarantee that the Church of the SubGenius gives:

"Eternal Salvation or triple your money back!

That's a damn fine reason to start tithing to "Bob"....

Raedwald said...

Given the story in tonight's Standard that the pastor of one of these Evangelical African churches in London draws an annual salary of £250k - that's £200k more than the Archbishop of Canterbury - it appears that the benefits of playing on the credulity of the faithful have been overlooked by the CofE

Anonymous said...

I say, the dead brought back to life! These people sound rather good. Anyone got a contact number?