Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Labour MP in technology coma for nearly 30 years

Supporting something like National Tinnitus Week is probably quite important I guess. As someone who occassionally suffers from the condition it's important that people are aware of it.

However, I'm also pretty sure that walking around with a high frequency noise emitter in your pocket is a more effective way of letting people know about the hell that can be tinnitus over a leaflet.

I'm not quite sure whether spending the £250 odd quid required to table down a motion in Parliament is a good way of supporting it either though. Especially when the person tabling it words it with lamentable stupidity. Apparently David Taylor MP is,
"concerned about the possibility of increased incidence of tinnitus and hearing damage amongst the 'ipod' generation."
Presumably the old codger was in a coma and so missed the invention of the cassette based Sony Walkman in 1979, the Discman in 1984, the MiniDisc in 1992 and the Diamond Rio mp3 player in 1998.

Just to add to the amusement Taylor lists a previous occupation as "computer manager" during the very same period of technology history. However, when I see "computer manager" I tend to read "computer mangler", what with me being a bit of a BOFH.


Chris Paul said...

Isn't it £650 per EDM Dizzy?

dizzy said...

probably. I know it has £50 in it and it was more than £50 and less than £950

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic dodgy-looking portrait. I don't know enough about the libel laws to say what David Taylor looks like in that picture.