Thursday, February 01, 2007

How much fat does learning about obesity burn off?

Apparently the Government is proposing to change PE lessons in order to tackle obesity. Yes, I know that sounds weird given PE is, by definition, about being active and thus tackled obesity, but honestly, they really are planning this. The press release says,
"The Government is planning changes to PE lessons to help children avoid the problems of obesity, Education Secretary Alan Johnson announced today.

Lessons will combine physical activity with learning how exercise affects fitness and health, and give schools even more flexibility to run the physical activities that best meet their pupils' needs."
Slight problem here, (1) there are no proposals for extra hours in the school day, thus (2) the "lessons" will have to be carried out in the current PE timetable slots meaning kids sitting on their backsides not engaging in physical activity as they normally would.

It's not so arse about face, rather arse about chair.


Anonymous said...

"It's not so arse about face, rather arse about chair."

Very funny Dizzy.

Seriously though, I agree, children need all the excersise time they can get.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how long PE is mandatory for at secondary schools - just 1 hour a week for my 14-year-old son, I went to a meeting at his school last night to discss his options and this is what we were told. He is fairly active and does lots of other sports, but I couldn't believe it was so little.