Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hands vs Hepburn.... seconds out!

Tory MP Greg Hands has tabled a motion amendment saying that from the word "recalls" to the end of Stephen Hepbrun's anti-Thatcher statue motion should be replaced so the motion recalls,
"the great achievements of Baroness Thatcher in changing Britain for the better including curbing excessive trades union powers, standing up to naked aggression in the Falklands, extending popular capitalism, giving millions of Britons the chance of home ownership and helping to win freedom for millions of people in Central and Eastern Europe; and believes that an impressive statue in Members' Lobby is a fitting tribute to the United Kingdom's first female Prime Minister."
Hear hear.


Unknown said...

Funny isn't it. When an EDM is put down which attacks Mrs Thatcher, it is "parliamentary graffiti", when it supports her its "hear hear". Hypocricy ?

dizzy said...

If I'd called it "Parliamentary graffiti" certainly. But I didn't, so it isn't. Intellectual dishonesty Nich?

Unknown said...

Fair point, I was probably putting words into your mouth. I think it is Iain Dale who calls it graffiti.

No offence intended. Notice my little plug of Everton on my blog today.

Chris Paul said...

Is Mr Hands suggesting that a different statue be produced? Because rather than being "impressive" this one is pants and makes average provincial statue-terrorism look positively genial. Ugly as sin. It is, it really is.

dizzy said...

Well art is a personal subjective thing I guess. I actually agree with you in terms of aesthetics, it's not particularly special, but then many statues rarely are.