Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hain is a "boring bastard" says MP

In this morning's Sunday Times there is an article about files released by the Crown Prosecution Service under FoI which shed new light on Peter Hain standing trial for a bank robbery in Putney in the 1970s.

The papers contain allegation that Hain was framed by the apartheid South African government. Apparently they really hated him.

Very convenient for Hain to have a story out there about how he was the victim of a conspiracy by the South African Government in the press. One unnamed MP summed it up like this,
"All this stuff coming out now at this time is great for Peter... After all, it reminds everyone of the antiapartheid hero he was. Shame he has turned into such a boring bastard now."
Yay for anonymous briefings! They lighten up Sunday morning.

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Mostly Ordinary said...

Hain often wheels out his anti-apartheid credentials - ironically under his Government's anti-protest regulations he wouldn't be able to do it all over again.