Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Friend of homophobes, Islamists and dictators not Londoners

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has, quite famously, shared a platform with Islamists, homophobes, and communist dictators. Where exactly are his priorities?
See the latest advert about Livingstone on 18 Doughty Street. He doesn't deserve anyones vote. All allegation sources in the advert are available here.


Anonymous said...

I wrote a comment over at Iain's blog about this. I'm not that impressed with the 'attack ad' style. It's the common political currency here and it's pretty vile; everyone has to do it, because the other side do it, but it becomes based on the misrepresentation, or out-of-context quoting, of what people have done, or it ends up focussed on populist trivia instead of the bigger issues.

Anonymous said...

And by 'here', I mean 'the USA'.

Anonymous said...

Iain has forgotten our ken is a fighter ,starve him of opinions by not saying anything about him ,the public already know what he's up to.
Get the electorate out to Vote whether they are left,right ,middle
there's no box for non of the above,so we are all called lazy ,etc ,even the politicians can't take the hint,

peteblogging said...

The Conservative Party have, quite famously, shared a viewpoint with homophobes and fascist dictators [ but no islamists as yet]. Where exactly is their candidate for mayor?

Anonymous said...

Seeing as this a bit of the old Echo Chamber blogging I think I'll just repost what I said over at ID's place:

"Apart from coming across like something you'd see on Fox TV the mockney accent of the narrator sounds artificial and a little cringeworthy.

It sounded like someone doing a bad EastEnders impression!:D"

Anonymous said...

The first on I enjoyed ,this one is a good advert for our ken to take some target practice at.