Sunday, February 18, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Falconer rebuffs Brown and begins prep-work for Home Office split?

About a month ago on a Saturday night at 10pm, John Reid announced that the Home Office was going to be split into two, creating a Justice Ministry (handed over to the Department of Constitutional Affairs), and a Security Ministry (taking on the rest of the Home Office's old work).

At the time most people saw this as little more than a bit of spin designed to distract the news agenda on Sunday morning away from the fact that the Police had been arresting people from Downing Street. It worked for the most part.

The plans then appeared to be roundly poo-pooed across Whitehall as the Home Office continued to lurch from one crisis to another. Since which we've heard very little about it, although apparently the "debate" about the split has had the kibosh put on it by Brown.

However, it looks perhaps like the back-biting between Blairites and Brownites in Whitehall continues unabated. I say this because the Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer's department appears to be in preparation already for taking over the Justice role from the Home Office.

Ten days ago, the Department for Constituional Affairs registered the domain,, on the Joint Academic Whois server (which controls the information relating to UK government domains). They've also pointed it at a web server here but are yet to get the website up and running. It still requires the VirtualHOst to be set up in Apache at the moment.

Update: For anyone remotely interested here's the domain record from JaNet:
dizzy@dizzy-linux:~$ whois -h
Registered For:
The Department for Constitutional Affairs
Domain Owner:
The Department for Constitutional Affairs
Registered By:
Cable & Wireless (Allnet) Ltd.
Registrant Contact:
Nettie Williams
Registrant Address:
Technical Web Manager
Department for Constitutional Affairs
9th Floor
Selborne House
54 Victoria Street
+44 0207 210 8611 (Phone)
+44 0207 210 8633 (FAX)
Entry created:
Friday 9th February 2007


Anonymous said...

Good sleuthing, technonerd.

Richard Bailey said...

Nettie Williams is a real person. I used to work with her.
Must be pukka. She is a lovely person. She wouldn't do this sort of thing for a laugh.

jailhouselawyer said...

My mole on top of the hill in Prison Service HQ indicated that his department would be moving soon to the Ministry of Justice. But, this is not official yet. It has to be announced by the relevant minister.