Sunday, February 11, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: David Cameron normal

So Iain has highlighted the amusing confusion amongst the press today about exactly who has the "exclusive" on the story that David Cameron smoked draw when he was 15. It's actually quite amusing to see who is running the story as their lead though.

You'd expect the Mail on Sunday to be running with it, with all its pious indignation. The Observer thinks it should be the top story too (at the moment at least), and it remains the lead story on the BBC News site. The Independent on Sunday is of course running it, and it's only a semi-judgmental way, which is of course made all the more funny by the fact they led a "Legalize It" campaign a few years ago, they should be praising him really.

Whilst the priorities of papers suggest that it is indeed a very slow news days, the story, which ought not be leading really, is actually great news for Cameron that it is. Yes that's right, I think its brilliant this story is across so many front pages. A politician who's had a toke; done a line; or popped a pill is a thoroughly normal and ordinary person to a significant section of the voting population.

The truth is - these days - taking drugs is something people do at some point in their life - either heavily to the point that it is a problem, or just as an experiment. For many people it's a default assumption that people will have tried a spliff and possibly other stuff. Am I trying to play down the Cameron story by saying? Not at all, I genuinely think it's great that it has been given the prominence it has.

Let's be honest, if Observer and Indy readers were even thinking of voting for Cameron, him smoking weed at Eton is hardly going to be the show stopper for them doing it. In fact, that's probably true of most people reading the story today (with the possible exception of some of the more reactionary Mail on Sunday readers).

Purely as an aside, I don't hold much hope for James Hanning's and Francis Elliott's new book if this is the best story in it. I'll probably still buy it though, Politicos are taking pre-orders.

Update: According to an anonymous comment below I am a "fucking hypocrite" because if this was a Labour or Lib Dem I would be crowing about it. As a former pill popping, speed freak cokehead who used to wake up in the morning and do a bong, I found this charge highly amusing! Thanks for making me laugh Mr Anonymous, your idiocy is what lightened up my Sunday morning.

Also, Radio Five is running a phone in poll about whether anyone cares. Currently 82% don't.


Anonymous said...

You're such a f*cking hypocrite Dizzy. That's what I don't like about this blog. If it was a Lib Dem or Labour politician - you would be making such a big deal out of it.

dizzy said...

hahahahahaha that's so funny for so many reasons I've added an update to the post instead of commenting on it here!

Anonymous said...

'As a former pill popping, speed freak cokehead who used to wake up in the morning and do a bong...'

So I'm not the only one after all.

Anonymous said...

Dizzy, What about Obama's admission to taking cocaine as a teenager, he's written about it in his memoirs and hopes it will demonstrate to other young people what can be achieved after having a shaky start in life. Hillary Clinton is accused of dishing the dirt on this.

Anonymous said...

Clearly politics has been in need of a root and branch reform for some time!

Nich Starling said...

Given that people don't care, why won't he just admit it and move on. I am in agreement with Lord Tebbit (for once in my life) who says that this story will keep doing the rounds every few months until he finally does admit it.

Nobody cares that he "did" do it, but the only issue is about just owning up.