Wednesday, February 21, 2007

EU proposes suspension of the laws of physics

If it isn't the Health and Safet Executive it's the EU! Apparently there is now an EU strategy to have a reduction of 25% in accidents at work by 2012 across the EU. Thing is, an accident is by its nature, a random unintentional and unexpected event, so how can you genuinely target a reduction in them? What's the EU going to do? Suspend the laws of physics? Make us all stay at home working from oxygen tents?


Caroline Hunt said...

Would be quite nice to work from home in an oxygen tent if you ask me.

dizzy said...

hmm behaviourism.. very 1970s. Human existence is not a complex system with measurable dynamics I'm afraid. You cannot predict when person X and person Y are going to act stupidly causing person Z to have an accident.

Yes you can mitigate risk, but even then you cannot arbitrarily make guarantees about how that risk mitigation will reduce accidents against an arbitrary targets.