Wednesday, February 28, 2007

British tsunami! Run away! Run away!

It would appear that the Labour MP for Newport West, Paul Flynn is concerned and worried. Apparently there is now a "consensus expert view" that the flooding of Gwent and Somerset in 1607 was caused by a tsunami and so he wants the British coast authorities to be provided with a tsunami watch early warning system.

No one seems to agree with him yet though. I imagine there's "consensus expert view" on many things that present theroetical horrors, although I'm not quite sure how we would easily monitor for a tsunami generated from the middle of the Atlantic.

My guess is the seismic activity across such a large expanse would end up causing multiple false alarms and people would start finding themselves unable to get insurance or sell their homes because of some thing with very low probability happening.

Still, at least Paul Flynn cares about his constitutents enough to spend some of their money by tabling a motion!


Anonymous said...

A bigger tsunami concern would be cause by the likely collapse of the Cumbre Vieja. This is a genuine concern because:

a) It'll probably be pretty big
b) It won't just kill the taffy sheep molesters and ciderswilling bumpkins, but some actual people, living in the South of England.

However, I'm not sure that tsunami early warning will be of much use, because it's so close (relatively speaking) to the UK; watching the movement of the volcano is probably the important thing.

Labour MPs will probably get consolation from the fact that a Cumbre Vieja tsunami will be bad news for Americans, too. Although they should consider that the coastal areas are where the Democrats live.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Paul Flynn that used to rant (quite correctly from a legal point of view if you ask me) about magic mushrooms being sold on London markets?


Guthrum said...

As an honorary cider swilling bumpkin living on the English side, I have just fired off a letter to Liam Fox wanting know why he has not done something !

Fidothedog said...

Thats Mr Flynn alright, he loves a good scare story.

Still the man is a liar and a proven libelist - check his wikipedia page out and we have been safe from big waves for the last 400 years so not going to be losing any sleep over that one.