Friday, January 26, 2007

Where would Friday be without Tamzin Lightwater?

Whether it's real or just hypothesised mickey taking, whoever Tamzin Lightwater, author of the Diary of a Notting Hill Nobody in the Spectator is, they certainly make my Friday on the Jubilee Line funnier.

This morning there is brilliant bit where, on Monday, Tamzin walks into a morning meeting to see a projected figure on the wall "with the head of Shilpa Shetty and the body of Jade Goody". An exchange with the Director of Strategy ensues where he says,
"This, my fellow change-makers, is today's Conservative Party. Beautiful head - shame about the fat, horrible, reactionary bit underneath"
Made me chuckle anyway.


Chris Paul said...

Brilliant! Also blogged.

John said...

Yes - think the column is excellent too & catch it when I can. A bit depressing that the New Statesman can only come up with piss-weak 6th form satire column "The Blairs" to rival it.