Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Virgin Galactic Blog... coming "soon"

Virgin Galactic, the company set up by Richard Branson to start offering space tourism apparently has a blog. Actually, I'm lying slightly, it has a link to a blog which it intends to have. Currently it just says
"Hold tight for the launch of our futuristic Virgin Galactic blog. Soon Virgin Galactic Astronaut Chuck Brown will recall his experiences training for and flying on [sic] onboard VSS10 (VirginSpaceShip 10).
If you're wondering what "soon" is, it's September 28th 2009. I'm not quite sure what the point is of announcing you plan to have a blog in two and half years time, but what do I know? Anyways, the flash version of the site is very, errr flashy.


James Higham said...

Yeah, right. Can't wait.

CityUnslicker said...

Virgin's marketing is never knowingly undersold.