Monday, January 29, 2007

Miliband: Only europhiles can protect the environment

This morning's Independent carries one of those "Readers' Questions" interviews with David Miliband. In it there is a question asking him to "legislate that all items must have a "power off" switch", and his response is unbelievable. Miliband says,
"The European Union is leading the way on this - one reason you cannot protect the environment if you are a Eurosceptic."
The mind boggles, it really does. Presumably this argument is predicated on the notion that environmental policy can only be carried out at a supranational level. In which case, following it to its logical conclusion, is Miliband also saying that you cannot protect the environment if you are against one-world government? Didn't think so.

Purely as an aside, you may also notice a question which begins, "I have a 20-month-old son and climate change keeps me awake at night." This made me literally laugh out loud on the bus this morning. I wonder if they've considered that it might be their 20-month-old son that keeps them awake at night?


Serf said...

If we leave aside inconvenient facts like CAP being a disaster for rural environments, CFP having destroyed all the fish stocks and the carbon footprint that goes with the Brussels Strasbourg traveling circus, then who knows, maybe he is right?

No doubt an Eco Union would stop all the crazy travel and EU summits that Eurocrats and their national puppets indulge in. They would scrap the waste disposal laws that have led to so much fly tipping, stop the energy intensive recycling programmes, and even tell Russia what it really thinks about human rights. After energy security wouldn't be so important would it.

Having completely failed to convince the public that the EU is worth anything, they change their argument. Its like Tony Blair basing the reason for war on WMD and then changing it to human rights after none surface.

Anonymous said...

I've been raking my brains to think of something in the house that runs on electricity and doesn't have a 'power off' switch.

What are these people on?