Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lib Dem MP wants more breasts?

How strange... Lib Dem MP, John Hemming has tabled a motion which calls for the Government "to introduce guidelines to ensure that facilities are provided to ensure that newborn babies can be breastfed on demand". So that's guidelines on ensuring there are sufficient breasts available?


Anonymous said...

Maybe he likes "bitty"

Anonymous said...

*cough* I am not quite sure that is what he had in mind Dizzy!

Mind you, it does show that you need to be careful in your choice of words you use in a motion!

Thomas B said...

actually it's the worst proposal in the world given the experience we had last year when the boy was born.

However I will oppose it if the proposal is to have more tits available - LibDem councillors should be banned from maternity wards unless they are giving birth.

John Hemming said...

It applies to newborn babies taken into care when their mothers are prevented from breastfeeding them properly.

A large number of these babies should not be taken off their mothers in any event.