Monday, January 29, 2007

It's kidneys which are at stake!

It seems the Department of Health have just announced the appointment of a new "tsar". He is the "Renal Services Tsar". You'll note that even the even the Government has used inverted commas around the word tsar.

Perhaps they should start using a different name for autocratic dictator-style positions? Shah perhaps? Maybe Fuhrer? How about Caesar for Renal Services?


Shane Greer said...

Great stuff! What about 'Warlord', or maybe 'Lord Protector'

Serf said...

I am quite happy with the word Tsar, to be perfectly honest, and dream of executing them and their progeny at the first opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Kidney Tsar is quite appropriate!

"The eldest, Nicholas, became Tsar upon his father's sudden death (due to kidney disease) at age 49."

Anonymous said...

Can we go for "The Glomerulus of Renal Services" ?

Or if Dr O'Donoghue leaves and a lady takes over, "The Nefertiti of Nephritic Services" ?