Friday, January 19, 2007

DVLA does not sell your info except when it does

In response to a query about the DVLA selling driver infromation to third parties, Stephen Ladyboy yesterday said,
"The DVLA does not sell driver information. Where the law requires information on vehicles and their keepers to be released to third parties a fee is levied to cover the costs of the transaction only so that the burden does not fall on the tax payer. The DVLA does not collate the number of such transactions."
So there you have it, the DVLA does not sell your information except when it does and it doesn't know when that it is, but it does know it happens.

Glad that's sorted... competence knows no bounds!


Will B said...

That's an answer Sir Humphrey would have been proud of! In fact, it's so good that one could be forgiven for thinking he concocted it himself.

Chris Paul said...

It's cost recovery. It's like MP's expenses or a professional's disbursements. Can be excessive but are not a profit centre. Except for fiddlers who use them to assist in political activity or under-employ but overpay their rellies.

Is Dizzy arguing for not providing information - which I guess is to privatised parking control and the like - which might make them even less civilized in their operations.

Or possibly for renationalising them so it becomes a recharge and not a cash income from outside?

Or is Dizzy arguing for taxes to be applied pay for parking pirates to get our details so they can extort money from us?