Friday, December 15, 2006

When it comes to the punch, Dizzy beats Prescott

The other day Guido pointed out normality had returned and he was more popular than the Downing Street website once more. I've just learnt that I (and quite a few other bloggers) are far more popular than the Deputy Prime Minister's website as well. In fact, his traffic is truly poor.

According to a written answer from Prescott, his department's website has had only 2,771 unique visits since August, and a mere 6,836 page impressions.

Update: Seeing as that very nice man Iain Dale has linked to me and boasted about his traffic, I thought I ought to boast a little too. Whilst I'm not a patch on the Blogfathers, I have had 37,752 unique visits and 49,656 page impressions since the August. You'll note that my unique to page impression ratio is far better than Iain's, hence I win.
Hat Tip: Croydonian for the post title


Benedict White said...

I have had more than that in the last 3 months as well!

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, try typing Fu*kwit (put the letter of your choice, namely a C where the star is) in Google and hit "I'm feeling lucky" I wonder how many hits that's had?

Anonymous said...

Yeah but to be fair half your stories are about Hull.

haddock said...

I think most of the hits on Prescott's site come from putting the word fuckwit into google/pages from the uk/I'm feeling lucky, takes you straight there.

Anonymous said...

>You'll note that my unique to page impression ratio is far better than Iain's, hence I win.

Er. No.

It means that people who came to your site found it so boring that they left at once ;-) .


dizzy said...

Actually it means people don't sit on this site all day pressing CTRL-F5. But you're right, I am boring, and as with everything, I'm the best at being so.

Anonymous said...

I think Croydonian has some arkane and confusing sense in which he is best involving extrapolations and inversions . I think he may get a few more comments at a glance

Allo Dizzy !!