Saturday, December 30, 2006

Six 2007 Predictions

Technicially speaking this is a meme from Jeremy Jacobs, but given that it's a worthy topic anyway I'm not going to tag anyone specific and instead say everyone who has a blog and reads this ought to do it too. So here are my six predictions for 2007.
  • There will be a General Election.
  • Iran will find herself facing Osirak II. The "international community" will condemn Israel whilst secretly being happy she had the balls.
  • US and UK troops will still be in Iraq by this time next year.
  • Someone will face the possibility of a prison sentence over "Cash for Peerages"
  • Blair will publish his memoirs and humiliate Brown on almost every page.
  • Alastair Campbell will publish his diaries and humiliate Blair on almost every page.
Now I invite others to make their predictions.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your "predictions" especially potential "holiday" re cash for peerages.
With such worthies in mind todays
"Honours List!" also interesting
Knighthood (for fiction) to John Scarlett & OBE (in every sense of the accepted phrase )for Linda Bellos. Services to diversity.

Mind boggles as to who recommended
these unworthies

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I think the US should do "Osirek II"

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"Services to Diversity" - whats that about.

No doubt they'll be a bunch of gongs going to pro-EU traitors as well.

Croydonian said...

A sitting LD MP will defect to the Blue team.

Stan Bull said...

Croydonian may well be right. I suspect a general election could be on the cards. Gordo does have a major problem of political legitimacy, of course. Someone may well face the possibility of a prison sentence over "Cash for Peerages". But it won't be Blair. As for Iraq, U.S./coalition troops will be tied down there for decades. Nobody will be attacking Iran. Preventative war is now off the agenda. Multilateral diplomacy is back. Alistair Campbell will be silenced by a lucrative offer from the soon to be formed "Blair Associates" consultancy group. Domestically, the big question will be the future of Scottish devolution. Sarkozy will be elected president.

Anonymous said...

I think there also could be a General Election, Brown will need to assert his leadership, and this is the only way. I am following the Iran situation with interest too. I agree with Nos 3 and 4. I don't agree with your last two points though. Let's look back on this in a years time.

CityUnslicker said...

Am pleased to be able to say you are all wrong for once. Brown will never face the electroate until he has too. He is a chicken , but also shwred enoughg to know that he is not an election machine.

No Election until 2009.