Friday, December 22, 2006

The Seven Best Things You Did This Year

So Iain has tagged me in one of these blog memes. I must say, before I get on with the bloody thing, these are becoming very common. I may have to make a New Years resolution to only do two a year or something. I need to regain my BOFH reputation.

Anyways, here are the seven best things I did this year.

1: Started this blog.
2: Discovered the johnson4leader domains.
3: Turned 600+ lines of bad code into less than 100 lines of elegant code.
4: Became "published" in the Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze.
5: Stood for Council, lost, but had bloody good time winding Labour up in the process.
6: Read Homer
7: Appeared on 18 Doughty Street.

I'm in a cheeky mood, so I think I will tag Ed Vaizey and Boris just to see if they'll do it, and also the man from Croydon, and that bloke in Prague.


Croydonian said...

You, you...blighter.

Croydonian said...

You, you...blighter

Iain Dale said...

You're supposed to ga 7, lazy bugger

James Higham said...

Good, I was hoping someone would do the last two, Dizzy. When I did Iain, I was hoping he'd do them.

dizzy said...

sue me Dale! ;-)

Praguetory said...

Hey Dizz - Thanks for the reminder of the johnson4leader. Definite high point. Also, didn't know you had stood for council!

I'll do mine once the year is over.