Friday, December 22, 2006

London braces for Christmas terrorist attack?

According to ABC News, London is preparing to face a terrorist attack over Christmas. Weird thing is that it's the middle of the night in the US, yet they're the only one talking about it that I can see. Lots more detail/speculation in the ABC link.


peter said...

Reid was on the Today program this morning saying they had no specific intelligence. I'm sure there is some kind of threat (as always), but this seems more like an attempt to raise John Reid's profile.

Anonymous said...

Only the Americans seem surprised by this news item. I think the real truth is the authorities are constantly on the alert for terrorist attack, and it's only the Christmas season that has hiked up the alert level. What the Americans forget is that here in the UK, terrorism is an old enemy. We've been on a terrorist alert pretty much non-stop for the last 35 years. I do however agree with some of the comments that suggested we have brought some of this on ourselves, due to our policy of multi-culturalism and failure to integrate immigrants properly into our way of life. The Americans have been far more successful in this than we have. Maybe the Government is finally waking up to reality, although I'm not holding my breath. The PC brigade has a tight grip on the Establishment and attitudes will take some shifting.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"The Americans have been far more successful in this than we have".

Really. What planet are you on?

The Yanks are as nearly xenophobic as the french