Monday, December 18, 2006

Hutton re-announces ten year old policy

According to reports this morning, John Hutton is going to crackdown on the persistently jobless by withdrawing benefits. Essentially he says that he is going to go after the "can work, won't work" people.

Please be aware though this is not the same policy that Frank Field advocated when he said Labour should "think the unthinkable" in the build-up to 1997. This is a completely different policy, just as the abolition of the CSA was a completely different policy to the one that has been talked about for years and never happened.

It's coming to something when the Government - in need of grabbing the news agenda after the week that saw the Police at Downing Street, and the "shambles memo" - has to re-announce (again) a policy that it's serially failed to implement over the past nine year.

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