Monday, December 18, 2006

Has Blair told the Police porkies?

As everyone following the story now knows, the line that Blair (and his supporters) have put out about the peerage nominations that are under the spotlight was that they were for "party services" not for services to the public. Many questioned that line at the time, Iain Dale for one, but over the weekend a couple of nomination forms have been leaked to the press and they suggest that the line is completely false.

According to the report in the Independent on Sunday, the nomination forms show that they were put forward as a result of their public service, including making donations to City Academies. The implication here, if the nomination forms are genuine, is that Blair has misled, or possibly even lied, to the Police when he was questioned. How long will it be before the door to Number 10 gets another knock, this time for the benefit of the tape?

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