Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The EU, cars and carrots

As some people may know, the EU is currently having a "consultation" about proposals to force all cars and vehicles to run with - at the very least - their sidelight on during the day. There are arguments in favour of this for those nations that get long period of darkness (in the North), but in many cases the idea is not, if you excuse the pun, a particularly bright one.

The most vocal opponents in the UK happen to be motorcyclists who already ride with their lights on so they can be seen. If every vehicle on the road suddenly has it;s lights on, motorcyclists become lost in the mass of light, and it will likely increase the danger to them. There is also of course the issue of using more power, ergo carbon, with this proposal. Joined-up thinking and all that stuff.

However, the reason for this post is to highlight, to the EU's credit, the fact that they do pretty much publish anything they receive in representation. Specifically I refer to the submission by Mr John Crippetts here, who said,
Subject: Can't see in broad daylight?
Try eating more carrots. Cars could have them feeding from the steering column for driver to nibble at when stopped in traffic jams.
Meanwhile, if you can't think of how to fill the day, why not take the gravy train on a fact finding tour to Timbuktoo or somewhere far away rather than make up silly new laws.
Mr Crippetts, I salute you.