Saturday, December 16, 2006

Downing Street has a Hungarian moment

A stunning memo from Downing Street in the Mail on Sunday has just been reported by Iain Dale that essentially shows the Government know they are rubbish, and they know we know they are rubbish. Read the full memo here.
What a brilliant week this has been! I particularly like this bit from the memo,
"The Government is seen as a shambles. It is not just Labour internal conflicts but a lack of grip and competence on key issues. Iraq is a potent and raw issue, so is the NHS, immigration and crime. We have lost control of the big issues and are not delivering"
Oh happy days!


Anonymous said...

It's excellent news, a real treat to read befor bedtime. Sincerely hope that all right of centre bloggers pick up on this and make it go viral, very quickly.

Anonymous said...

hate to say it - but its not happy to see our country going to shit.

i dont know if we should be celebrating the "shambles" of government or not.

shouldnt we, as citizens, expect, ALL governments to be well governing?

just a thought.

(and i'm Tory by the way - not some Labour troll...)

Croydonian said...

At times like this I have to wonder whether our friend His Grace might be right after all.

A great day for humanity.

Anonymous said...

ITN tonight - No.10 are denying the leak.


we all know what that means.

(its another "stop gordon" campaign...)

Bobbylad said...

Ah well, I will need to cheer myself up now. Ill just go and read the legions of Tory activists conceading the next election already on the comment pages of conservative home.

Andrew Allison said...

What a news week is has been. I had a certain spring in my step delivering party leaflets yesterday