Monday, December 11, 2006

Christian Aid forces out Baroness Tonge?

Baroness Jenny Tonge has made quite a name for herself in recent months, especially after she all but in essence said that the Jews controlled the world media and the Liberal Democrats.
"The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the Western world, its financial grips. I think they have probably got a certain grip on our party."
Something that hasn't been wildly reported in the UK that I can see, is that last week she resigned as a trustee from the Christian Aid board at their AGM. There are also rumours that she may have been forced to resign precisely because Christian Aid no longer wanted her views associated with them.


Mikey said...

With or without Baroness Tonge, I have become increasingly irritated by the naive political agenda of Christian Aid. It's a pity; the charity still benefits from door-to-door collections in May every year by well-meaning churchgoers, some of whom would probably be uncomfortable if they really understood the dumb thinking behind the Trade Justice campaign, for example.

It's a pity, because historically Christian Aid has done some good (and I'm sure it still does), but now I prefer to support charities which concentrate more fully on helping those in genuine need rather than preaching to the rest of us about why free trade is evil.

Jeremy Jacobs said...
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Unknown said...

Baroness Tonge is a great woman - Mr Jeremy Jacobs, what you infantile brain fails to realise is that you can be anti-Apartheid-Israel and anti-Zionist but still be pro-Semite. Your incredulous response just demonstrates the pure lack of understanding you have on the real issues at hand, and more importantly the history that surrounds them.