Monday, November 13, 2006

I can't help but think this Oyster card change is a con

Anyone who travels on the Tube regularly will have heard the announcements that "if you don't 'touch in' or 'touch out' you will pay the maximum fare". This refers to those that use pre-pay Oyster cards which users put a certain amount of money on and thus spend as they travel. The plan is that if they do not touch out when leaving a station they will receive a penalty fare, even if they've only travelled one stop.

These new rules will come in during this week I beleive and something else that I noticed today, at more than one tube station, was a sign saying "remember to 'touch out' even if the gates are open". Now, open gates at tube stations are pretty uncommon, so this got me wondering, are we about to see lots of open gates late at night for the purpose of driving up revenue from drunks?


Croydonian said...

I can offer you some good news - Oyster cards will survive a washing machine cylce at 40 degrees.

Benedict White said...

Frankly I am shocked that you would think that!

Actualy I agree. Why turn off an automated money gathering system?