Friday, November 24, 2006

What's Michael Stone's motivation?

Many would disagree that michael Stone is a dead man walking, but I wonder what his motivation was for this?

Does he just like being caught on camera doing crazy stuff? Is he being paid by someone else? Or does he just want to get back inside because it's probably safer for him? If he was being paid who was the target?

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Unknown said...

Maybe this was 'performance art' for the YouTube generation.How I laughed to see this so-called hard man get trapped in a revolving door- the technology too much for him - and then disarmed by a very brave blonde woman. That will surely enhance his image as Loyalist icon.I can see the new mural of Michael(Only One)Stone going up overnight,
But isn't the absence of the PSNI,especially if compared to Stormontgate.
Spike Milligan wouldn't have been able to get todays events into Puckoon,too surreal even for him.