Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What do you get a Monkey for Christmas?

Last night, on the Tube, I finally listened to the most recent podcast of the Knives are Out radio show featuring Guido and Recess monkey along with a special guest appearance from the guy that runs Never Trust a Hippy. Now normally I wouldn't bother blogging about a podcast, but in light of an hysterical post by Recess Monkey yesterday I just felt compelled.

Essentially, Recess Monkey got all excitable yesterday about Bob Spink repeating some facts and figures he was given by the Home Secretary. The long and short is that Bob Spink is a "racist hate-monger", John Reid is not. Now, anyone with half a brain can see a non-story being embellished into something more than it is. And of course, such playfulness is not restricted to just one side of the political play fence.

This said, I would like to draw peoples attention to Recess Monkey's comment in the podcast where he says that disabled people should be fair game for ridicule, and in fact, there should be no boundaries to ridicule. I shall be buying him a Bernard Manning DVD for Christmas now.

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Praguetory said...

I didn't want to mention it, but since as it's out there, I do recommend people to check the podcast linked by Dizzy. The first few minutes are Recess wheezing – quite funny. But go 16.25 seconds in.

"Absolutely everyone should be a target for satirists, OK. There should be no boundaries for satirists. People with disabilities."

It then sounds like a female (the producer?) is trying to shut him up. Based on his wheezing, maybe he felt like he "owned" the disabled insult, but it still doesn't play well when he starts pointing the finger a few days later.