Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Try something different today... on a shoestring?

Apparently the Government is going to provide £2m of funding to set up a "network of regional training schools for school cooks" to teach them how to cook. Assuming that the "regional" aspect relates to the regions defined in the current assemblies, and assuming that London is not included, that's actually £250,000 each.

Something rell's me that setting up a functioning training school for £250,000 is not very likely. I doubt it will even cover the cost of kitchen materials required. Which makes me wonder the money is actually more about gesture politics to appease the fat-tongued one.


Guthrum said...

Hmmm- Has the same chance of success as the promise to provide all the troops with what they want (as long as that is not helicopters,more troops, and ammunition that has not been bought in the casbah )

Serf said...

So are they admitting that schools regularly employ people who cannot cook, as cooks? If so why?

Perhaps asking for some proof of expertise prior to employing them would actually solve the problem.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

serf's right. There is sucha lack of common sense in the UK. How on earth did we win two world wars?