Monday, November 20, 2006

Today is Bad Hand Day

Today, for anyone unaware, is Bad Hand Day. What I hear you cry? Well, it's another of those fluffy campaigns by the 'elf'n safety executive. Apparently, 70% of hairdressers suffer from dermatitis and other types of skin damage.

Given this, HSE has spent taxpayers money producing a website explaining that hairdressers should wear gloves and use moisturiser. This is a good point that I think many hairdressers won't have realised. After all, most of them are clearly scruffs who don't care about their appearance and would never think of moisturising. I imagine such advice will be like an epiphany for them.

Bad Hand Day? More like "State the Bleeding Obvious" Day.

N.B. In a cruel twist of irony I have awoken to discover a bad case of dermatitis on my right hand. That'll teach me.

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